How it works:

You activate your subscription and every week get a new hot product that’s selling like crazy RIGHT NOW
You import the product in just one click, including its catchy description and reviews from real customers
You download our super-profitable advertising campaigns created especially for this item
You launch and run these campaigns to promote the product and watch your sales blast off

Here’s how the “Premium Products” subscription saves you time and money

Every day, we monitor the hottest trends in customer demand and test hundreds of high-ranking products in our self-owned dropshipping stores. After selecting the most profitable items, we start testing advertizing campaigns for each of them. And as soon as the winning products and ads are thoroughly chosen, we are ready to share them with YOU!

You don’t have to search non-stop for hot products

Every item you find in your dashboard through this subscription is hand-picked and carefully tested by our team of experts. We already know that it’s on top of the latest trends and is making maximum profits. With this subscription, you can always feel confident that your store is catering to the peak of demand!

You save time on making up an attractive product page

All items come with a pre-edited product page optimized by us for maximum conversions. Just import an item to your store and get all its top-notch photos, compelling product description, and relevant customer reviews. Everything’s customer-facing and ready to go!

You save money and effort on ad creation

We provide highly-profitable marketing materials for every product you get. The package includes 10 banners, and ad copy for Facebook and Instagram. Online services for testing ads normally cost thousands of dollars, but it’s not your problem. We’ve already done it for you!

You don’t lose money on ad audience experimentation

Usually, when ads are ready, you have to set up their target audiences and test what works. But not in this case: we’ve already spent about $1,000 on testing each campaign and prepared each product’s target audience settings for you. All you have to do is calibrate to our setting and start seeing sales on your website!

Are you ready to upgrade your store with proven bestsellers?


Once your subscription is activated, you also get FREE access to our archive of Premium Products that had been sent before you joined – and import the ones you like together with their marketing campaigns.

Some questions you might have

How does the subscription work?
As soon as you activate your subscription, you’ll instantly get access to the Premium Products archive right in your website dashboard. Every week, you will also get a NEW high-selling product you can add, along with marketing campaigns attached.
How do I add the product to my store?
Go to your plugin dashboard, pick the product you like, and click on the “Import” button after choosing a category for the product.
Can I pause or cancel my subscription?
Yes, you can do it at any moment -- just contact our support team to stop your subscription.
What if I don't have a suitable category for the new product?
You can add it to the "Best Sellers" or "New Arrivals" category of your catalog. Don't have any of these? It's easy to create a new category in just few clicks in your dashboard - and give it any name you like.
Can I edit the included product descriptions?
Yes! After importing a product to your store, you can change it any way you’d like.